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“Dancing with Lempika” by Clifford Bailey Fine Art 32.5x53 (gallery wrap)

Microsoft Windows 11 Commercial

Directed by Tarsem Singh. Scroll down to watch the Microsoft Windows 11 Commercial as well as the “Making Of” from the beginning sketches to the final product.
John Mayer, Clifford Bailey, Max Pittion, Sunglasses

John Mayer & Max Pittion

In 2014, Clifford Bailey was commissioned by John Mayer to paint the following paintings for the Max Pittion Eyewear brand.
Marguee Mojo by Clifford Bailey Fine Art

UNLV Wind Orchestra

Over the years, Clifford has worked with UNLV Wind Orchestra Maestro Tom Leslie to create the following album covers.
"The Stones" by Clifford Bailey Fine Art

Thanksgiving with The Rolling Stones (1994)

"The Stones" by Clifford Bailey Fine Art Matthew Kronsberg dishes on what rockers like Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney, and the Rolling Stones and their crews eat while on the road—and the lengths to which they’ll go to get a taste of home Ask anyone who has…
Hollywoodland, Clifford Bailey

Arclight Hollywood Exhibitions “Hollywoodland” (2010-2020)

Clifford Bailey Fine Art, Hollywoodland Portraits, Arclight Hollywood “Clifford Bailey has totally flipped the script with these new portraits! A dapper Don Corleone, pensive Bob Dylan or Sean Penn’s super-stoked Spicoli… the celebrities and iconic Hollywood characters the artist has captured in this oil on canvas…

Restaurants + Hotels

Clifford's art is and has been featured in many restaurants/hotels around the world. Nemo Restaurant (1997) Miami, Florida (installation) The Savannah Supper Club (2003) Costa Mesa, California (Installation) Terra di Sienna restaurant (2002) Atlanta, Georgia (Installation) Les Deux Fountains South Beach, Miami (installation) UBK / Union Bar and…
Animal Farm/Pervert, Clifford Bailey, South Beach

Animal Farm / Pervert

From 1993-2005 Clifford Bailey exhibited paintings at Animal Farm / Pervert on the bustling South beach scene in Miami, Florida. (video footage from a reception in 2000)
Clifford Bailey at Tu Tu Tango in Atlanta

Cafe Tu Tu Tango

Clifford Bailey painted from 1991-2003 at Cafe Tu Tu Tango locations; Atlanta, Orlando, Los Angeles and Coconut Grove, Miami. Clifford Bailey at Tu Tu Tango in Coconut Grove Self Portrait, Painting at Tu Tu Tango
Union Street Giclee by Clifford Bailey Fine Art

Union Bar & Kitchen (UBK) in Soho

From 2014-2019 Union Bar & Kitchen in Soho featured art commissioned by Clifford Bailey. "Union Street" "The Big Table" "Down by the Riverside" View more of the "Making of" on Instagram The making of "Union Street: The making of "The Big Table" The making of "Down by the Riverside
Napa Valley Film Festival (2012), Clifford Bailey Fine Art, Artist,

Napa Valley Film Festival

In 2012, Robert Mondavi Vineyard hosted the opening night gala for NVFF where Clifford Bailey could be seen painting live. Napa Valley Film Festival (2012) Resulted in exhibitions at the following wineries: Ehlers Estate