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Windows Microsoft 11 Commercial, Clifford Bailey

Microsoft Windows 11 Commercial

Directed by Tarsem Singh (The Fall, Lady Gaga, The Cell), Art Direction by Tom Foden and produced by Radical Media. Scroll down to watch the Microsoft Windows 11 Commercial as well as the "Making Of" from the beginning sketches to the final product. "Microsoft Windows…

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"The Walk" by Clifford Bailey Fine Art with Robert Zemeckis

“The Walk” with Robert Zemeckis

As told by Clifford Bailey: "When I told Robert Zemeckis that the moment I had gotten the phone call to paint The Great Philippe Petit for the premiere of “The Walk” (2015), I was right in the middle, brush in hand, of painting his name…

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"Hummingbird" by Clifford Bailey Fine Art

Rita Coolidge

In February 2005, Clifford was invited to collaborate with Rita Coolidge for album art on her new Jazz record "And So Is Love". Rita asked Clifford to include Stargazer Lilies and Hummingbirds.

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Essay by Tony Mostrom, Soho Miniature by Clifford Bailey Fine Art

An Essay by Tony Mostrom

CLIFFORD BAILEY - THE JAZZ ARTIST An essay by Tony Mostrom Clifford Bailey's lush paintings of jazz musicians not only reflect the artist's love of the Roaring Twenties, "le jazz hot" and the ambience of speakeasies and smoky nightspots, but through the visual immediacy of…

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"Howard Fishman" by Clifford Bailey Fine Art

A Quote from Howard Fishman

"Clifford Bailey's work is playful, intense, funny, twisted, easy to look at and hard to forget. His signature style is original and unique. When it comes to music painting, he has that rare ability to capture players and music in a way that can only…

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