• Q: Are Clifford Bailey posters available?

    A: Back in 1998, Clifford Bailey posters were published and distributed internationally by a Canadian publishing company called Art in Motion; the posters can be viewed here: http://www.cliffordbailey.com/prints.html All six (6) posters have been "out of print" since 2003; however, there are some extra copies at CBFA available for $150 each (unframed), to acquire one, simply email CBFA with your request, please include the title(s) you are interested in.


    Q: What is a giclee?

    A: http://www.cliffordbailey.com/techniques.html#giclee


    Q: Do you do commissions?

    A: Yes, If the timing is right, you can commission Clifford Bailey to paint your very own original. Requests can be made in terms of color, size, price range, and subject matter; photo references can be emailed. No money is taken up front, if the request inspires the artist and the timing is right, he will paint the painting and give you "first dibs"....if you like it, it's yours, if not, you don't have to buy it!